Who are our ancestors?

This website is for anyone interested in the ancestry and origns of the surname Spathakis and its anglicised variant form Spathaky.

I am of the Welsh and English Spathaky line. So I have researched this line back to the original migrant from Greece, Antonio Spathaky, who arrived in Cardiff, Wales, from Greece in the 1870s. You can read that story by clicking on Worldwide and then UK

Spathakis is a Greek name. People told us that the -akis ending indicated a surname from Crete but we later learnt that it might come from any Greek community which has historically been influenced by the Turkish language. So that includes areas of Greece that border on Turkey and also Greek communities in Turkish cities.

A number of people have taken the surname Spathakis to America, both from various parts of Greece and from the port city of İzmir in Turkey which formerly had a very large Greek population. We know about these immigrants from US immigration records and US Census returns, which normally record people's places of origin. These families are shown on the appropriate pages of the Worldwide section of this website.

Detailed Genealogies

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